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PS4 vs Xbox One (Review & Specifications)

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PS4 vs Xbox One (Review & Specifications): With the initial hype and frenzy for the launch of the two major consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One have died down and being available to purchase once more, the huge question for you is that, which one would you buy? Well, to make the selection easy for you, simply look at the benefits and drawbacks of each brands, so you would have the idea of where you are going to put your money for the best experience of gaming.

PS4 vs Xbox One Review & Specifications

Sales to Date

Ps4 and Xbox One launched with all of the usual hysteria, leading to mandate much of the outweighing supply. This has actually led to most people not getting their hands on the console until January of 2014, which is fairly a common launch days for gadgets. This actually doesn’t give much of insight onto who is doing the best. If you would look at the latest released sales figures, Microsoft said that Xbox One has sold 3.9 million units already. This already compares to Sony, who had 4.2 million units released sales figures. That merely is a difference of only 300,000, so there’ not much of comparison here. Both of the companies are predicted an increase on their sales and it will continue in the future.



The Xbox One unit has been also priced for $713 and the PS4 for $579. That is somewhat a difference in the starting prices, yet you should know what you would really get for your money. Both simply come with the basics that will get you started, the power and HDMI cables, the console, the headset and the controller. On the other hand, the Xbox comes with its Kinect 2 bar, but there’s an alternative camera on the PlayStation, which is going to cost for about $92.

The Console

Both of the machines are made with advanced spec than their precursors, as you would probably expect. On the side, they look very familiar, similar stowage, both have its own Blu-Ray drives and both having Wi-Fi. The only thing is that, the PSP’s raw power with its superior graphic capabilities, simply put the Xbox right behind Sony’s PlayStation.


PS4 vs Xbox One launched with a poor variation of games. Since the liftoff, the games released have been very much alike. This doesn’t seem like changing at the moment, with only the Xbox boasting halo above anything in which the PS4 will release. The big problem with the PS3 was that, the software’s price have to develop games for such machine. This has meant that the games were proving to be costly, as compared to the Xbox 360.

User Interface

PS4 Vs Xbox One have their very own setup and the PSP users will surely argue that they prefer the system, so does the Xbox users. It actually combines down to what the user simply prefers. The addition of the Social media uploading will also be appealing to some, yet the gamers would want to play the games and not really wanted to post upon their social media account regarding the progress. Thus, some people find it to be a useless trick.


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